Colin Kaepernick x Steph Curry #10for10

Colin Kaepernick x Steph Curry #10for10

January 19, 2018 0 Comments

Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge Tracker: $930,000

10K a day for TEN DAYS!

Day THREE of Ten:

Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry will donate $10,000 each to United Playaz in San Francisco, CA

Colin Kaepernick Donation: $10,000

Celebrity Match: Steph Curry $10,000

Organization: United Playaz – Bay Area, CA

United Playaz is a violence prevention and youth development organization that has worked in San Francisco for 20 years. The UP Clubhouse is located in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa district. Their dedicated team share similar backgrounds with the youth they serve, and they work with the key insight that communities prosper from within. They provide kids with a safe and positive environment in which they can grow. Their goal is to maintain a consistent ‘home’ that most of our kids lack in other facets of their daily lives. Their kids feel liberated when given a personal sense of security from those they can trust. Youth have the opportunity to grow from our foundation of love and support. The youth that gather at UP are very diverse; Samoan, African-American, Latino, Asian, White, and multi-racial youth are encouraged to break barriers, recognize their similarities, and form friendships.

Total Amount: $20,000

Both Steph Curry and Colin Kaepernick are donating $10,000 to United Playaz! Their donations will specifically pay for:

  • $10,000 – For adult reentry mentor program for recently released individuals from incarceration
    • Case management, behavioral services, peer mentoring, skill building, civil engagement, workforce development, therapy.
  • 10,000 – For youth Summer Program
    • 9 weeks of full day activities for up to 150 kids
    • Use of fun and engaging activities (Lego Robotics, Read to Build, and SRA language learning lab, sports and active play, trips to Water world, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Summer barbeque) for kids that have struggled in traditional school. Reading, Math, Science, Physical Ed

For more action, check out their website: