Colin Kaepernick x Snoop Dogg #10for10

Colin Kaepernick x Snoop Dogg #10for10

January 22, 2018 0 Comments

Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge Tracker: $940,000

10K a day for TEN DAYS!


Day FOUR of Ten:

Colin Kaepernick Donation: $10,000

Celebrity Match: Snoop Dogg $5,000

Organization: Mothers Against Police Brutality – Dallas, TX

Mothers Against Police Brutality (MAPB) is the new voice for justice for victims of police brutality and deadly force. They are multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition uniting mothers nationwide to fight for civil rights, police accountability, and policy reform.

MAPB formed to unite mothers who have lost their children to police violence. Every year families lose children and other loved ones to police killings. An alarmingly disproportionate number of African American and Hispanic men killed by policemen are unarmed. In virtually every case, officers that kill unarmed Black and Brown men are never charged with a crime.

We must summon the courage to challenge existing laws and practices that leave our families vulnerable to police brutality and official murder. We must summon the courage to challenge the existing investigations by district attorneys and county prosecutors that result in no indictments, no trials, and no accountability for officers involved in brutalizing and killing civilians. We must summon the courage to challenge our Congressional representatives to recognize police brutality as a gross violation of civil rights and to intervene legislatively as Congress has done in the past, with the enactment of the 1964 Civil Rights and 1965 Voting Rights Acts.  We must summon the courage to challenge the President and the Justice Department to intervene in communities where police departments show a pattern of brutality toward citizens; to investigate citizen complaints against local law enforcement agencies; and to stop providing advanced military weapons and equipment that are totally inappropriate for local peace officers.

We must re-design the training and ongoing review of police officers. Officers involved in the use of excessive and deadly force typically show a pattern of abusive behavior and typically have received multiple citizen complaints prior to a major incident. Applicants to police academy need to be screened more rigorously to exclude those with psychological problems or social attitudes (i.e., racial prejudice) that will cause problems in the everyday stresses of police work.

Only when there is trust between local police and citizens can we restore the social contract, protect the rights of the people, and work together to prevent and solve crime in our communities.  

Total Amount: $20,000

Both Colin Kaepernick and Snoop Dogg are donating $10,000 to Mothers Against Police Brutality! Their donations will specifically pay for:

$20,000 – Voices of Grief

- Build National network of community activists of family’s that have lost a loved one to police violence

- Organizing, coalition building, policy advocacy, and local strategy to defend victims, and create policy to end police brutality. Modeled after the Dallas MAPB



Snoop Dogg’s additional $15k donation will go towards:

  • 5,000 for 5th annual Clinton R Allen Youth Speak Out Against Police Brutality
    • A day of workshops on citizen’s rights, organizing 101, understanding structural racism, and videotaping experiences to community leaders
  • 10,000 for MAPB legal defense fund:
    • Attorney’s fees, court filings, litigation fees for family’s that have lost members to Police violence

For more action, check out their website: